Two New Updates: 11.03.23

This week’s update includes the following for eQuipt Client Portal:

  • Consistency for Quarterly Performance Report visibility
  • Improved eDelivery notices to locate documents easier

Update for Quarterly Performance Report visibility

For clients with accounts on Wealth Management Platform (WMP), the checkbox to “Disable access to QPR on Client website” in WMP now controls display settings for WMP and eQuipt Client Portal. By leaving the box unchecked to enable access to quarterly reports, a Performance category is displayed on the left side of the Notices tab in eQuipt Client Portal supporting a consistent experience across client portals.

When the WMP checkbox to disable QPR access is checked, the Performance category disappears:

When the WMP checkbox to disable QPR access is unchecked, the Performance category appears:

Update for eDelivery notices

Based on your feedback, when your clients click the “Review My Document” link within their eDelivery emails sent from Osaic (example below), they will be automatically redirected to the Notices tab after successfully logging in to eQuipt Client Portal. This auto-navigation allows clients to locate the new documents more quickly.

This represents our first step towards streamlining our eDelivery process. Future enhancements include clearly identifying document type(s) within each eDelivery email and providing a single location where all eDelivered documents can be accessed. For example, eDelivery Notices that are sent directly from Osaic are all available on the Notices tab while notices sent from clearing firms are housed separately.

eDelivery email example for reference: