An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest: 10.21.22

Updates for 10.21.22

eQuipt Client Portal

This week’s update makes it easier for clients with Envestnet/WMP (advisory brokerage) accounts to learn about their account performance through eQuipt Client Portal.

Read on to learn the details of the update.

New! QPRs Now Available in Notices Tab for Envestnet/WMP Accounts.

In the Notices tab, under the Disclosures & Policies Firm Correspondence section, a new category dedicated to investment performance information is available to clients with one or more Envestnet/WMP accounts. In the new Performance category, your clients can access their Quarterly Performance Reports (QPRs) for each associated account. There are no changes to the eDelivery of QPRs included in this update.

Previously, clients who clear through Pershing had no way to access QPRs in eQuipt Client Portal and had to go through several steps to access QPRs within NetXInvestor. These clients can still access their QPRs directly through NetXInvestor if that’s what they want to do. Clients who clear through NFS did not have access to QPRs via direct login to Wealthscape Investor or SSO through eQuipt Client Portal.

Filtering works the same as the other document categories already on this tab. When a client selects a QPR to review from the list, the document opens in a new window. This update will make it easier for clients to access important account information and make it easier for you to direct your Envestnet/WMP clients to this information.

NOTES: Exceptions to the information above include:

  1. Householded (Manually linked) Envestnet/WMP account QPRs are not included in the Performance category.
  2. Clients who do not have Envestnet/WMP accounts will not see the new “Performance” category.

Please contact Tech Support if you have any detailed questions on how QPRs work within eQuipt Client Portal.

See You Again Soon!

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